Repair & Replacement of Air Conditioning – Nuances

Nowadays, air conditioning systems are not luxury devices anymore. They have become an integral tool assuring our comfort. The appliance is needed not only for temperature control but also for circulation and purification of air. Therefore, everyone wants to have the appliance at home and assure its proper and continuous functioning.

Installation of Domestic Air Conditioners

Air Condioner Repairman Thumbsup

Regardless of the model and modification of the system, the installation process requires a maximal accuracy of actions. Before carrying out installation works, it is recommended to perform the detailed inspection of the place of installation and do the necessary measurements. What is more, it is also necessary to do:

  • Calculation of the location and installation of an external block;
  • Calculation of the location and installation of the internal block;
  • Wall drilling / partitioning;
  • Provision of corresponding insulation;
  • Inspection of the efficiency of the drainage system;
  • Measurement of pressure in the system.

Only following the above steps, it is possible to assure that the air conditioning system is properly installed and will not be exposed to any damages and failures.

Diagnostics of Domestic Air Conditioner

We recommend conducting diagnostics on a regular basis, and, if necessary, refueling the air conditioner every year. It is better to do the procedure before the season of the most active use of the conditioner. This will help you fully use the appliance throughout the season and reduce the likelihood of its failure in the midst of the summer.

Causes of Breakdown of Air Conditioners

The condition of the appliance can be influenced by many factors that may lead to an additional stress on the system:

  • High air temperature in summer;
  • Irregular cleaning and diagnostics;
  • Bright sunlight;
  • Incorrect installation;
  • Continuous work without freon.

Regardless of the season, all conditioners require timely inspection and refueling. Therefore, in order to avoid breakdown of the system, especially in hot weather, it is necessary to timely carry out diagnostics. If the appliance is out of service, only professional will help you. Repairing the conditioner will cost less than buying and installing a new one. If, after diagnostics, the service technician determines that the repair of the device is impossible, then in this case, of course, you should replace it.

Repair of Domestic Air Conditioner

Repair of the air conditioner includes the following manipulations:

  • Removal of leaks of a refrigerant (soldering of radiators, replacement of wires and rings);
  • Changing compressor oil, bearings, gaskets in the compressor of the conditioner, as well as the compressor itself;
  • Rinse conditioner;
  • Replacement of cab filters and device.

Remember that to prevent any damages; it is necessary to carry out regular appliance inspections. Only in this case, you can assure proper functioning of the system.