Preventive Maintenance of Air Conditioners & Other Heating Systems

With virtually any climate technology functioning for a long time, its internal parts are exposed to harmful factors: particles of dust, dirt, fluff and other elements freely floating in the air. A special feature of the design of air conditioners stipulates that the ventilator and heat exchanger are endangered. However, other insides are not insured against the harmful influence of external intrusion. Therefore, the structure of the conditioner includes filters. Although they serve as a barrier, they also have a limit on the ability to deal with the threat.

Cleaning of Air Condition Systems

Choking the system with foreign particles for a long time may lead to the significant performance degradation. What is more, in the worst case, the disruption of expensive equipment may happen. Besides, a moist environment from condensate and dirt particles contribute to the development of harmful microorganisms and fungi inside the system. Avoiding the influence of all these factors is a task that is difficult to implement at full without professional help.

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner is a crucial necessity. Only in this case, it is possible to gain confidence in the reliable operation of the device, and ensure harmless microclimate.

Unlike any other home appliances, air conditioning systems require special attention. An important detail in the care for any conditioner is its timely cleaning. This includes mechanical dust filters cleaning at least once in every two months. What is more, the system is to be checked in the service department at least once a year.

Appliance Diagnostics

Be aware that cleaning the air conditioner is not only cleaning it from dirt and dust but also complete diagnostics of your equipment. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioner is necessary even in cases where everything works fine for you, and it seems to have no problems. This is because the deterioration of the conditioner work parameters often occurs slowly and imperceptibly for others. Unfortunately, many owners forget about it, which may result in an irreversible failure of the system. You should also understand that cleaning of air conditioners is needed not only to prevent emergencies but also to take care of human health.

Cleaning Procedure by a Specialist

The cleaning manipulation by a service specialist involves the following operations:

  1.      Physical cleaning of the system – it involves the disassembly, removal and washing of filters, parts of the air conditioner from dust and dirt.
  2.   Thermal cleaning of the system – it is flushing the heat exchanger, cleaning the non-removable housing parts with the help of a steam generator.
  3.   Antibacterial cleaning – treatment of the elements of the device with a disinfectant.
  4.      Identification and elimination of hidden faults – it is comprehensive diagnostics of equipment, including checking the pressure, refilling the device with freon.

As you can see, preventative maintenance of air conditioning systems is not limited to simple cleaning of the appliance. It covers a number of additional preventive and diagnostic operations. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioners cannot be done by an ordinary person. If you want to assure failure-free functioning of the device, it is necessary to order the service from a professional company.