Clean Air in the Apartment – Myth or Reality?

It’s wonderful to live on the shore of a mountain lake, among virgin nature. There you can breathe clean, air-filled aroma of herbs, without feeling the side-effects of global pollution. Unfortunately, very few people have a chance to choose the place of their residence. And those living in a metropolis have to deal with many ecological issues, including airborne waste.

Most people naively assume that the dirty air remains outside the windows of their apartments and houses. In reality, there may be more toxins inside the building than on the roadway of a metropolis. Haven’t you been ready to hear the truth? And just imagine that we spend up to 90% of our time on the premises. What to do? In this post, we will tell you how to ensure high air quality and what manipulations are required.

What to do?

Although the issue of poor air quality inside the building seems to be a big issue, it still can be resolved. There is a way out from any situation. To begin with, it is necessary to conduct a study of the “atmosphere” in your apartment, house, or office thus to make measurements of harmful substances.

Inspection of the premises

As a general rule, standard, comprehensive inspection of an apartment, house, premises includes the following procedures:

  •         Gas chemical analysis of air for possible contamination, of both internal and external origin.
  •         Concentration of suspended dust.
  •         Measurement of the radiation level (beta, gamma radiation).
  •         Water analysis.

Such an inspection is simply necessary for everyone who cares about their health and the health of their family. What is more, it is recommended to do such a procedure for those people who plan to buy an apartment or decide on a house/ office to rent.

Ordering a comprehensive environmental inspection, you will protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful substances. In such a way, you will be sure that your “acquisition’ is not dangerous to health, and, therefore, gain confidence in the future.

What do you get?

Based on the results of the examination, experts present detailed reports on the assessment of the environmental situation in the room and provide recommendations on minimizing the impact of unfavorable factors on the human body. Experts identify the most probable causes and sources of various problems in the ecology of the living space.

Air quality control sensor

As an alternative solution, you can purchase the air condition system with the air quality sensor. The appliance detects the presence of smoke, aerosols, (insect repellent, etc.) in the air, alcohol vapors, and other impurities. What is more, in some models, the sensor analyzes the air condition and switches on the supply or exhaust ventilation mode. Air quality monitoring can be performed when this function is selected from the air conditioner control panel. In this case, it is also possible to set the sensitivity level of the sensor from the panel.

Whatever option you choose, it is equally important to always remember about air quality because it has a direct impact on our health.