Installation Of Air Conditioning And Heating Equipment

Heating and air conditioning services are of a great importance both for commercial and residential areas. There is a variety of companies who provide service in the areas of Anaheim, Palm Desert, Orange, Redlands, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernadino and Temecula. The existence of efficient and affordable air conditioning and heating services has been of a great importance for the given areas.

Those, who want a quality air conditioning installed in their house have to consider one of the following options:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Window air conditioning
  • Ductless air conditioning
  • Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioners and conditioning and heating installment services can be rather costly in areas of Anaheim, Palm Desert, Orange, Redlands, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernadino and Temecula. For example, price for an average air conditioner may vary from $1,000 to $1,500, not including the cost of certified assistance. In California, the prices are especially high because installation of air conditioning and heating products is strictly regulated. In other states, as a rule, it is possible that the cost of overall heating and air conditioning installment will be around $800 cheaper. However, you can take a personal loan to cover the expenses, especially if you are a resident of the mentioned ares.

Prices of Services

           The price of air conditioning and heating services may be affected by the following factors:

  • House size
  • Ductwork
  • Brand of installed equipment
  • Seer value
  • Difficulty of a project

Size of an air conditioner plays an important role in determining the cost of installation. The size determines the amounts of energy required to heat or cool a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Correspondingly, the bigger the house the bigger and more powerful air conditioner is required. The fix or installation of a new ductwork is a rather time-consuming and costly procedure. However, it is a base for long-term work of a newly installed air conditioning system. Choosing a reliable brand of equipment will be more expensive, yet it is still a wise decision. High-SEER models are much more expensive, however SEER 16 is the max you should target for.

Maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems is another thing to take care of after installment. In areas of Anaheim, Palm Desert, Orange, Redlands, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernadino and Temecula maintenance of installed system can cost cheaper than fixing problem caused by negligence. Therefore, it is better to check all the possible options and calculate the expenses before doing something. First of all, it is better to get an independent opinion and not to run after the most powerful and modern equipment. Very often, house may be well-heated and conditioned by less advertised equipment. Get consulted and choose wisely without risking to face the necessity of paying extra.

Clean Air in the Apartment – Myth or Reality?

It’s wonderful to live on the shore of a mountain lake, among virgin nature. There you can breathe clean, air-filled aroma of herbs, without feeling the side-effects of global pollution. Unfortunately, very few people have a chance to choose the place of their residence. And those living in a metropolis have to deal with many ecological issues, including airborne waste.

Most people naively assume that the dirty air remains outside the windows of their apartments and houses. In reality, there may be more toxins inside the building than on the roadway of a metropolis. Haven’t you been ready to hear the truth? And just imagine that we spend up to 90% of our time on the premises. What to do? In this post, we will tell you how to ensure high air quality and what manipulations are required.

What to do?

Although the issue of poor air quality inside the building seems to be a big issue, it still can be resolved. There is a way out from any situation. To begin with, it is necessary to conduct a study of the “atmosphere” in your apartment, house, or office thus to make measurements of harmful substances.

Inspection of the premises

As a general rule, standard, comprehensive inspection of an apartment, house, premises includes the following procedures:

  •         Gas chemical analysis of air for possible contamination, of both internal and external origin.
  •         Concentration of suspended dust.
  •         Measurement of the radiation level (beta, gamma radiation).
  •         Water analysis.

Such an inspection is simply necessary for everyone who cares about their health and the health of their family. What is more, it is recommended to do such a procedure for those people who plan to buy an apartment or decide on a house/ office to rent.

Ordering a comprehensive environmental inspection, you will protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful substances. In such a way, you will be sure that your “acquisition’ is not dangerous to health, and, therefore, gain confidence in the future.

What do you get?

Based on the results of the examination, experts present detailed reports on the assessment of the environmental situation in the room and provide recommendations on minimizing the impact of unfavorable factors on the human body. Experts identify the most probable causes and sources of various problems in the ecology of the living space.

Air quality control sensor

As an alternative solution, you can purchase the air condition system with the air quality sensor. The appliance detects the presence of smoke, aerosols, (insect repellent, etc.) in the air, alcohol vapors, and other impurities. What is more, in some models, the sensor analyzes the air condition and switches on the supply or exhaust ventilation mode. Air quality monitoring can be performed when this function is selected from the air conditioner control panel. In this case, it is also possible to set the sensitivity level of the sensor from the panel.

Whatever option you choose, it is equally important to always remember about air quality because it has a direct impact on our health.

JBS Heating & Air

JBS Heating & Air was a service company functioning in San Bernardino and many other areas in California. This company has been servicing major cities of Southern California for over 20 years, including areas as

  • Orange
  • Palm Desert
  • Anaheim
  • Riverside
  • Temecula
  • Redlands
  • San Bernadino

BS Heating & Air company provided warming and air conditioning solutions to both residential and business sectors. The company’s products and services included:

  • Heating systems
  • Air quality
  • Air conditioning
  • Zoning
  • Thermostats

One of the key advantages the company offered to individuals and business owners was non-costly solution to temperature regulation problems. Furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers were offered to clients as comfortable and effective solutions. The company also provided annual assess and maintenance contracts to help evaluate energy efficiency. Skilled technical support guaranteed help with existing air conditioning system or a complete replacement of the old one with the new one. JBS Heating & Air helped many homes to set, repair and guarantee clean air, good and proper temperature regulation, and provided certified professional support when any problem within the field of expertise occurred.

Control of air quality was an important aspect in JBS Heating & Air. In many industrial countries, in big cities especially, air pollution is a huge issue. People tend to use facemasks to protect themselves from dangerous impact of polluted air on health. That is why, professionals from JBS Heating & Air offered solutions to deal with this problem such as:

  • Air purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Certified design of duct system
  • Installation
  • Cleaning

Concerned attitude to your health and the health of your family members is the first step to a healthy living. Professionals from JBS Heating & Air were always on guard of clean air and comfortable leaving and provided a great help to people who needed it.

Also, such products as thermostats can help to decrease utility bills by as much as 33%. This is very comfortable because you can set temperatures and choose modes to your liking. In addition, there are no extra expenses for periods when you are out of town or do not need warming that much. Such an approach does not deprive you of comfort and keeps equipment running efficiently. Finally, zoning is a perfect solution for big houses. Sometime, one room is too hot while another one is too cold. Or it is too warm on the second floor and freezing on the first floor. Zoning is a comfortable solution to this problem as it allows to adjust temperatures and make all rooms equally comfortable to be in.

JBS Heating & Air company has closed a couple of years ago. However, the company’s services were a combination of quality and price. Their products and services helped many families, especially those with respiratory or other serious illnesses, to improve both temperature regimes in their homes, and to provide cleaner air to all family members.

Repair & Replacement of Air Conditioning – Nuances

Nowadays, air conditioning systems are not luxury devices anymore. They have become an integral tool assuring our comfort. The appliance is needed not only for temperature control but also for circulation and purification of air. Therefore, everyone wants to have the appliance at home and assure its proper and continuous functioning.

Installation of Domestic Air Conditioners

Air Condioner Repairman Thumbsup

Regardless of the model and modification of the system, the installation process requires a maximal accuracy of actions. Before carrying out installation works, it is recommended to perform the detailed inspection of the place of installation and do the necessary measurements. What is more, it is also necessary to do:

  • Calculation of the location and installation of an external block;
  • Calculation of the location and installation of the internal block;
  • Wall drilling / partitioning;
  • Provision of corresponding insulation;
  • Inspection of the efficiency of the drainage system;
  • Measurement of pressure in the system.

Only following the above steps, it is possible to assure that the air conditioning system is properly installed and will not be exposed to any damages and failures.

Diagnostics of Domestic Air Conditioner

We recommend conducting diagnostics on a regular basis, and, if necessary, refueling the air conditioner every year. It is better to do the procedure before the season of the most active use of the conditioner. This will help you fully use the appliance throughout the season and reduce the likelihood of its failure in the midst of the summer.

Causes of Breakdown of Air Conditioners

The condition of the appliance can be influenced by many factors that may lead to an additional stress on the system:

  • High air temperature in summer;
  • Irregular cleaning and diagnostics;
  • Bright sunlight;
  • Incorrect installation;
  • Continuous work without freon.

Regardless of the season, all conditioners require timely inspection and refueling. Therefore, in order to avoid breakdown of the system, especially in hot weather, it is necessary to timely carry out diagnostics. If the appliance is out of service, only professional will help you. Repairing the conditioner will cost less than buying and installing a new one. If, after diagnostics, the service technician determines that the repair of the device is impossible, then in this case, of course, you should replace it.

Repair of Domestic Air Conditioner

Repair of the air conditioner includes the following manipulations:

  • Removal of leaks of a refrigerant (soldering of radiators, replacement of wires and rings);
  • Changing compressor oil, bearings, gaskets in the compressor of the conditioner, as well as the compressor itself;
  • Rinse conditioner;
  • Replacement of cab filters and device.

Remember that to prevent any damages; it is necessary to carry out regular appliance inspections. Only in this case, you can assure proper functioning of the system.

Preventive Maintenance of Air Conditioners & Other Heating Systems

With virtually any climate technology functioning for a long time, its internal parts are exposed to harmful factors: particles of dust, dirt, fluff and other elements freely floating in the air. A special feature of the design of air conditioners stipulates that the ventilator and heat exchanger are endangered. However, other insides are not insured against the harmful influence of external intrusion. Therefore, the structure of the conditioner includes filters. Although they serve as a barrier, they also have a limit on the ability to deal with the threat.

Cleaning of Air Condition Systems

Choking the system with foreign particles for a long time may lead to the significant performance degradation. What is more, in the worst case, the disruption of expensive equipment may happen. Besides, a moist environment from condensate and dirt particles contribute to the development of harmful microorganisms and fungi inside the system. Avoiding the influence of all these factors is a task that is difficult to implement at full without professional help.

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner is a crucial necessity. Only in this case, it is possible to gain confidence in the reliable operation of the device, and ensure harmless microclimate.

Unlike any other home appliances, air conditioning systems require special attention. An important detail in the care for any conditioner is its timely cleaning. This includes mechanical dust filters cleaning at least once in every two months. What is more, the system is to be checked in the service department at least once a year.

Appliance Diagnostics

Be aware that cleaning the air conditioner is not only cleaning it from dirt and dust but also complete diagnostics of your equipment. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioner is necessary even in cases where everything works fine for you, and it seems to have no problems. This is because the deterioration of the conditioner work parameters often occurs slowly and imperceptibly for others. Unfortunately, many owners forget about it, which may result in an irreversible failure of the system. You should also understand that cleaning of air conditioners is needed not only to prevent emergencies but also to take care of human health.

Cleaning Procedure by a Specialist

The cleaning manipulation by a service specialist involves the following operations:

  1.      Physical cleaning of the system – it involves the disassembly, removal and washing of filters, parts of the air conditioner from dust and dirt.
  2.   Thermal cleaning of the system – it is flushing the heat exchanger, cleaning the non-removable housing parts with the help of a steam generator.
  3.   Antibacterial cleaning – treatment of the elements of the device with a disinfectant.
  4.      Identification and elimination of hidden faults – it is comprehensive diagnostics of equipment, including checking the pressure, refilling the device with freon.

As you can see, preventative maintenance of air conditioning systems is not limited to simple cleaning of the appliance. It covers a number of additional preventive and diagnostic operations. Therefore, cleaning the air conditioners cannot be done by an ordinary person. If you want to assure failure-free functioning of the device, it is necessary to order the service from a professional company.